Why You Should Hire a Running Coach

With all of the 5K and half marathon training plans available online for free, why would you pay money to hire a running coach for the same thing? 

It’s a great question with a simple answer- the training plan you find online and the training plan you get from a certified running coach are not the same thing.

On the internet, you’ll find a training plan that is vague and made for the masses.  These training plans are made for people who never get sick, never have a bad day, never get discouraged, and never stray from the plan.  You will find yourself more likely to get hurt.  Why? Because the training plan isn’t customized for your individual body and your personal needs, no one keeping an eye out for you.  You’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed and then eventually give up on that big goal race you had been dreaming about.

Can you tell I’m not a fan of these “one size fits all” internet training plans?

That is mainly for two reasons:

  1. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt and feel discouraged from running.
  2. I respect running.  Whether its a 5K or a full marathon you’re training for, you have to respect the distance.  You are going to put your body through a lot, and you have train smart while doing that if you want to get to the finish line healthy and uninjured.

When you hire a certified running coach, your coach will get to know you and your lifestyle before creating your individualized training plan.  You’ll also be asked about any nagging injuries or past surgeries that may affect your running.  Your running schedule will be made around your other obligations (work, kids, church, etc).

You will be held accountable by your running coach. You’ll have someone who will check in on you on daily basis and revise your training plan on a weekly basis, if needed.  Those free online training plans don’t allow for any adjustment, while a running coach can rearrange your plan based on your progress.

Your running coach will be your support system.  You’ll have access to this ‘expert on running’ whenever you have questions or feel unsure about something related to your training. Not sure about which race to choose? Your coach can help you pick one out that best fits your training and abilities.  Nervous about race day? Your coach can create a ‘race day plan’- with everything from: what to eat the week before, what to pack the night before your race, what to do when you get to the race, how fast to run during each mile of the race, and even what to do after you cross that finish line!

Stay healthy with injury prevention and strength exercises created by your running coach.   To be a strong, healthy, and uninjured runner- you have to do more than just run.  Your coach can help identify where you need improve your strength (such as glutes or hips) and come up with an exercise routine to make you stronger.  Are you starting to feel tightness in your hamstrings or sharp pains in your shins? While running coaches are not physicians (and should never try to act like they are), they are familiar with common running injuries and how to prevent them.

One-size-fits-all training plans that are available for anyone online can lead to injury, undertraining, overtraining, and an overall unsuccessful race day.  If you’re interested in one-on-one coaching with personal attention and individualized training plans, please send an email to:


Let’s get started! 



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