Where to Run in Columbia, SC

Columbia, South Carolina is where I call home.  When I moved here three years ago, it was very important to me to find running trails right away.  Thankfully, I was in luck!  Columbia, in my opinion, is a runner-friendly community and there is no shortage of places to run.  Check out the list below of great running spots throughout the city!

  1. River Walk:  Conveniently located downtown, the River Walk is a safe and popular place to run.  The River Walk is paved and provides a beautiful view of the Congaree River.  Free. 
  2. Saluda Shoals Park: Just off of Bush River Road, you can run in this riverfront nature park for hours!  The park has dirt trails, meadows, and paved paths.  $5 entrance fee/option to buy annual pass. 
  3. Harbison State Forest: Located a few minutes outside of downtown, this forest is a trail runner’s paradise.  Run your heart out on over 31 miles of trails.  $5 entrance fee/option to buy annual pass. 
  4. Shandon/Rosewood: The Shandon and Rosewood neighborhoods in downtown have well-kept sidewalks that make it easy to get your miles in.  Free (depending where you park).
  5. Irmo Community Park: A quiet park with paved paths in the suburb of Irmo, just off the highway.  Free.
  6. Lake Murray Dam: This walkway is a popular place for joggers and provides a breath-taking view of Lake Murray.  Run across the dam on Lake Murray for a total of 3.4 miles.  Free.
  7. Sesqui State Park:  Located in the Sandhills area of Columbia, Sesqui has 12 miles of trails and paved paths for runners.  $5 entrance fee/option to buy annual pass.

Do you have any places to add to the list? Comment below! 

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