Runners to Follow on Social Media

The running community on social media is growing and thriving.  Runners are communicating all around the world through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  It’s a really supportive and encouraging community!  Over the years, I have been active on Instagram (kara_runs) and have even met some of my online friends in-person! It’s awesome to have friends who share the same passion for running and understand this sometimes-crazy obsession.  If you’re on social media, check out these runners and you’ll soon be inspired to go after a big goal or just head out the door for a run!

  • Mileposts: Dorothy Beal is the runner behind the social media account, @mileposts.  She was the very first runner I ever followed on social media and she is still my favorite!  Dorothy has an active blog, she’s run numerous marathons, and is a mom of three kiddos.
  • Lindsey Hein: Not only is Lindsey a fast runner, but she is also a podcast host, running coach, blogger, and mom of three little boys!  Lindsey keeps it real and I always look forward to her posts!  You can follow her on Instagram (@lindseyhein626) and Twitter (@lindseyhein).  She is also listed on my blog post about Podcasts for Runners.
  • Itsamarython: So I already had a soft spot for Mary Johnson because she’s from my home state of Connecticut… but seriously, Mary is an all-around hardworking and dedicated athlete, blogger, running coach, and business owner of Lift Run Perform.  Check her out on Instagram (@itsamarython)
  • RunFarGirl: Sarah Canney is another runner I’ve been following on social media for years!  Sarah is from New Hampshire and has super inspiring story about overcoming an eating disorder.  She is a marathoner but has more recently gotten into trail running and mountain races, how cool is that?! Sarah also blogs about training tips and races recaps. Follow her on Instagram (@runfargirl) and you can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you have any runners you follow on social media? Comment below! 

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