Podcasts for Runners

Listening to podcasts can help pass the time on long runs! I started listening to a running podcast while I was training for a half marathon in Spring 2017.  I have been hooked ever since! Below is a list of “podcasts for runners” that I recommend.  Check them out and let me know what you think!

  1. I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein: the first podcast I ever listened to and its still my favorite! I’ve been following Lindsey Hein on social media for years as she is an amazing runner.  Lindsey interviews all types of athletes (mostly female and runners), entrepreneurs, and just all-around funny people.  A great upbeat and fun podcast for your runs or commute! Favorite episodes: Mary Johnson, Alysia Montano, and Courtney Frerichs. 
  2. Running for Real: Famous marathoner Tina Muir discusses how to reach your running goals and dreams on this podcast.  She interviews elite athletes, sports psychologists, coaches, nutritionists, etc.  It’s really an inspiring and motivating podcast! Favorite episodes: Jessie Barr and Amelia Boone.
  3. The Runner’s World Show: I’m a fan of the magazine so I knew I’d be a fan of their show! It’s an informative podcast that is hosted by their Editor-in-Chief.  I’ve learned a lot about running terms, injury prevention, and gear through this podcast.  Favorite episodes: Common Running Terms, Kara Goucher, and Lauren Fleshman. 
  4. Trail Runner Nation:  learn all about trail running with this podcast.  You’ll hear from a variety of members in the trail running community, including beginners and pro’s.  Topics range from nutrition to pacing to mental strategies.  Favorite episodes: Life in a Day, Sh** You Don’t Do on the Trail, and How to Avoid Stomach Distress.
  5. Ultrarunnerpodcast(one word): a podcast for ultrarunners or runners who want to learn more about ultrarunning.  The episodes feature interviews with newbies, elites, coaches, dieticians, etc.  There’s a lot of wisdom to learn! Favorite episodes- John Kelly, Nicole Ederle, and Staying Engaged on the Trails.

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