Race Weekend Packing List

We are traveling to Asheville, North Carolina for a weekend full of racing! I am running the Biltmore 10K off road race and my other half is biking the 20 mile Gravel Grinder. I will be sure to post a full review of the races and our time in Asheville when we get back.  Copper is coming along for the trip and we are staying in a precious farmhouse hosted by Airbnb (we are huge fans of this lodging site!).

Both races take place at the famous Biltmore estate and we couldn’t be more excited! Below is my go-to packing list for race weekends:

  1. Race outfit: mine consists of my favorite running brand Oiselle. My sports bra, running shorts, and tank top are all made by this company! Always test out your race outfit before race day (nothing is worse than poor fitting clothes on race day—ever heard of chafing?!)
  2. Pack- I am bringing my North Face Borealis Backpack to the race. I always bring a pack to store the warm-up clothes I shed right before I hit the start line. Most races have bag drop off locations where you can leave your stuff while you race.
  3. Race shoes- I’ll be racing in my Saucony Peregrine 7’s  since the race is off road.  Don’t forget to break your shoes in before your race and check your laces before the start!
  4. Lots of socks- pack extra in case your socks get wet during your warm-up or you discover a hole at the last minute (I’ve experienced both!).  I prefer Asics Quick Lyte Socks
  5. Foam roller- the night before and morning of the race, I roll out my calves and hamstrings. I use TriggerPoint Performance Grid Roller
  6. Pain relief- for aches and pains from trail running, I pack Advil or Aleve and Arbonne Herbal Relief Pain Relieving Gel
  7. Weather gear- although it’s still summer here, I am packing colder weather gear (a Patagonia long sleeve) and a light rain jacket just in case the weather takes a drastic turn.
  8. After race clothes- as soon as I finish a race, I like to change into comfy clothes while I recover and enjoy post-race snacks. I am packing leggings, flip flops, and a light pull over (once your sweat dries, you will find yourself shivering and wanting warmer clothes!)
  9. Water bottles- I bring a large water bottle to drink from before my race and a hand-held water bottle to wear during my race. I use Yeti 32 oz Rambler Bottle for pre-race hydration (most races will provide post-race water and other refreshments). Even though the course will have water-aid stations, I still wear my hand-held Nathan Exo Shot 12 oz Bottle in case I don’t want to stop running or they run out of water.
  10. Nutrition– I eat gels for fuel during the race, see my post on Nutrition for Day Hiking for suggestions. I also always pack a banana and an energy bar for pre and post race nutrition (see above link for my favorite kinds).  Post-race snacks are often provided on-site, but I like to pack my own in case my stomach is feeling a little wonky and I need something that my body is familiar with.
  11. Tool kit- I always put together a little “tool kit” of supplies I may need on race weekend, such as: band aids, antibiotic ointment, glide (anti-chafing gel), extra pins (for my race bib), and extra hair ties.
  12. GPS Watch- I wear my Garmin Forerunner during my race to keep track of miles and pace. Don’t forget your watch charger!

The rest of my packing consists of the normal overnight necessities (pajamas and toiletries) but I think y’all have that part covered!

Copper’s race weekend packing list is a bit simpler, but still just as important.

  1. Crate- to keep Copper safe on the road, he stays in his crate in the back seat.
  2. Dog food- I always pack extra just in case our weekend trip gets extended.
  3. Dog treats- I keep plenty of treats packed for his impatient moments in the car.  Read a few of my suggestions for dog food/treats on Nutrition for Day Hiking
  4. Harness- Copper doesn’t go anywhere without his harness (he tends to slip out of his collar otherwise). We don’t want any escaping happening when we are in an unfamiliar place!
  5. Two leashes- a shorter one and a longer one. Packing two is a smart choice in case one breaks (which has also happened to us!) See our post on Day Hike Essentials for leash and harness details.
  6. Vet records- in case of an emergency, I always bring copies of Copper’s vet records.
  7. Tags- I double check to make sure Copper is wearing all his important tags on his collar (rabies tag, dog license, and name/phone number tag).
  8. Bandanas- a pup has to look stylish on vacation, too!  For this particular trip, Copper will be wearing his Appalachian Trail bandana (its only fitting for the occassion!).

Feel free to comment below with any other items to add to our race weekend packing list! 

Do YOU have any trail races or mountain bike races coming up? 

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